Reviews for "-The Pan-"

Holy Shit!

That was unbelievably great. I don't get it, it was frame by frame? I could never do that good :o( It's just not fair lol... do you mind if I use an idea sort of like this one in my next movie? It really sort of... "inspired" me so to speak to start animating again, thinking if you can do that good with frame by frame, I can. So I hope ya don't mind... Anyway, this was a great movie, but it could use sounds besides music. Everything else was absolutely perfect in every way.


Totally Loved It! Sooooooo good!

I totally had my money on the red guy the whole time! THis is better than XAIO (however it's spelled) Keep up the great work! I visted your site too. I'll keep checking back with it for updates and when you release your next stick movie. Once again, LOVED IT! -David Mancini

One of the funniest movies on NG

This is the best stick movie I've seen. In fact it's one of the best movies on NG. I found it more entertaining than Xiao Xiao. The comedy was backed up by great music and I prefered the pub brawl type fight the usual Kung-Fu style fight. Original Idea and pulled off well. Well deserving of a 5 for votes and 10 from reviews.

Fucking materpeice

I hope you know that you a genius. I think you could do more of these. I like the sticks they coo'. DO MORE DO MORE DO MORE hell yea

Pretty good

Hmmm you know... you made a really good movie! WITH STICKS! thats pretty hard to do.

I thought it was really good and the fact that all the sticks Die is great! No Everyone lives and happy ending here!

well good work on this -Crono