Reviews for "-The Pan-"


just make it longer next time.

It was pretty good.

Make another one w/ more gruesome deaths!

a really smooth animated stick movie

it was really smooth for stick animation... almost xiaoxiao 3 smoothnest... but that is the king of stick smoothnest... for the graphs they where good for a stick movie... you could of made some effects... and made the sticks smarter... but i guess that the dumbness of the sticks is that what makes this movie. so i wont spend a lot of space in my review on that... and as quoted in your comment "About alternative endings - I had quite a few ideas for endings. Maybe I should have made it so there was a choice! Anyway, thanks for your support!" yes you could of done that wich made this movie a bit better... but you can also update your movie later with the choice to choose different endings... a really good movie you got there Felix!<[^_^]> :D =)

technical q:
1. how many layers
2. how many scenes
3. where did you get the inspiration
4.how many symbols
5. did you make every single limb of the stick(i mean every single arm leg etc. etc.) a symbol or was the stick just one big symbol that you changed every time?

explenation ratings:
Graphs.-8: really good graphs for a STICKMOVIE.
Sound.-10: that was just awesome.
interact.-6: not too bad not to good.
style-10: three words exc e llent
voilence-10: good violence realistic blood and it wasn't dumb violence.
humor-10: the dumbness of the sticks made it really funny.


good luck in the future, Felix

plz give me a response



Higher Standard for Stick Stuff.

While not a fan of stick stuff, this is better than most of it.

The graphics weren't much. While the animation was smooth, stick figures just seem kinda lazy. I'm sure you could do something other than something so easy to draw as a stick figure. But I guess for a stick animation, the graphics were quite good.

The music was a bit loud, and I didn't like it very much. But it fit the animation, so what should I care.

It was a bit crude, but then again all movies with just sticks killing each other are. It was good.

On the positive side:
-Pointless violence
-Smooth animation
-Very Silly
-Only 500k

On the negative side:
-Kinda Samey
-Stick figures... You can probably do better.
-Music is kinda loud, lower the volume.

Overall it's a 6.2. It's worth watching, but it didn't take my breath away.


..... THis was funny