Reviews for "Without a Ticket"


great song! props to your saxophonist!

The trumpet player's playing is a bit muddy though :/

You might've been able to do a bit more on keyboards, though it works well overall, so I won't complain too much there.

Keep up the good work!


This song was stunning. I was amazed. I did not expect something of this fine quality, it's almost professional. I suggest you keep uploading more music


I don't listen to jazz all that often, but I enjoy the genre, and the smoky and free sounds it usually produces. It comes together well, very enjoyable.
Great stuff.

Also, I'm not sure if you're aware, but there's a common courtesy in the audio advertisments if you post an ad, you review the two ads above yours.

Great, great jazz. Moar plz!

Marty256 responds:

Thanks kindly for your review :) i'm afraid a bit of the stuff on advertisements flew over my head though...sorry :S

You're currently my benchmark

Impressive track. Finest piece I've heard so far in NG. Keep 'em coming! ^_^

Marty256 responds:

That's quite the compliment! I'm new here, so i'm still trying to get acquainted, but i've been snooping around the audio section and there is definitely some great, great stuff in there. Many thanks for the feedback :)

Like something out of Cowboy Bebop.

This is professional all the way. A real treat for jazz lovers. I especially love the faster parts. I fully recommend that you continue to post stuff on Newgrounds.

Marty256 responds:

The fact that you said "like something out of Cowboy Bebop" flatters me ever so much! i'm a big fan of Kanno's Bebop stuff. thank you extensively for your feedback :D