Reviews for "Without a Ticket"

Dear Maynard...

Stunning. Absolutely stunning. You took my ears, ripped them off, filled them with the jazz equivilent of crystal meth, stapled them back on, lit my cigarette, and kicked me in the balls. Thank you SO much,

well jazzie

definatly good but all da sounds wer comin in ramdomly


a bit random and chaotic...i guess that's what jazz is s'posed to be like. it was nice to listen to : D


Sensational song. You guys have a very talented group. Keep playing and keep recording. You sound great.


if there were 20 /10 stars I'd vote 20 stars out of ten coz it's just wonderful...superb execution and superb piece...the sax player is just amazing, as the drums and keys and bass...everything just fits perfectly...great