Reviews for "Without a Ticket"

Thats what Im talkin about

That was NICE! That was really moving along and I felt the groove.

The trumpet solo was tight, but at the start it felt as if he wasn't quite attuned to the fast tempo. He picked it up though and brought it back to life.

The sax solo was also tight.

I liked your keys, really nice comping in the background too. When your solo started it reminded me a bit of Red Clay :)

Drums really carried- all around great job.

Hell yeah! Submit more, please?

I knew it...

I shouldv'e been on the Jazz gener all along! >:C, Great song! :3


all aces chap!!!
this is truely "The other side of jazz" that I have heard so much about. Thank you for sharing.


You just made me a jazz fan

^(' ')^^(' ')^^(' ')^^(' ')^^(' ')^^(' ')^^(' ')^hands up

This is a fantastic chart.

Man, I wish I had the arranging skills for jazz that your Sax player does. I mean I can write pretty cool licks on my sax, but nothing that sounds this good.

I think this deserves the top of the charts.