Reviews for "Without a Ticket"

10 out of 10

Simply amazing, I must hear more of your work. Stright Jazz Soul all the way through.

I liked it quite allot

I'm not a big jazz fan but i still appreciate all genres otherwise i wouldn't be here but i reallly like it.

props to that alto player.

hey man, awesome song!
real improvisation makes my life.
if i ever get to the level that that sax player is at, i'd be elated
keyboard solo was burnin as well
any chance of forwardin me a copy of a score/lead sheet?

anyways, keep up the amazing work!
keep it swingin


I really dont have much else to say except for 'wow'.

This is great.

Awesome stuff. Nothing i'd fix or add or anything.

One of the best jazz pieces I've heard in a while

Congratulations to the composer of this, as well to the band that performed it; great work! Keep them coming...10/10 5/5