Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 4"

23 is the annoying noise system

True 5 star winner. Ten years later, this interactive spree of ludicrousness, stands the test of time, while maintaining a svelte 3 1/2 MB figure. Channel 9 takes you to the actual episode of super hero improbability. Channels 0-11, 50,100, as well as some obvious others, also have skits. Try Ch. 123!

Fluffer Nutters are sandwhiches with penut butter and marshmellow creame in it! if anyone wants to know what they are!

I liked channel surfing on the Nader almost as much as the main toon lol

lol channel 0 scared me only 1 percent in the inside XD
99 percent thought wtf? i wanna die early ;(