Reviews for "We Are the Night"


I likes it a lot. Needs a little work, of course, but I still likes it ^_^

Nessbeatsfox responds:

Thanks Kitty!

zxcy says sweet

that song was realy realy cool

Simply Awestruck

This is without a doubt the best song I've ever heard on Newgrounds. I love your style of screaming, how its kinda whispered.

When I heard this song first, I seriously thought it was from a professional band, and I was about ready to Google you name to try to find where I could buy a CD.

You have amazing talent my friend, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Nessbeatsfox responds:

Thanks for the compliment man! Actually, I'm working on a CD right now. It's gonna be a while before it's finished though...

the pinicale of badassness

this is what im talkin bout this is a kick ass audio submission dude i wish more ppl wld take a que from u plz man im begging u turn out more submissions like this i rlly hope to hear more songs of this qaulity on the audio portal iv spent HRS looking threw tah audio portal an this is on the top 5 off songs iv heard

Nessbeatsfox responds:

Glad you like it so much. I'll have to get with Logan and write more of this style. Thanks for the review!

awesome song...

but the quality's kinda iffy, love it either way