Reviews for "We Are the Night"

Good, but...

Need stronger vocal... it sounds like a 15 year old singing... though, the music is good...

Nessbeatsfox responds:

Hmm, maybe because it is a 15 year old singing. My brother sings the verse, and yes he is only 15. He enjoys writing music with me, so I usually let him sing. He can't scream very well, so I do that. Hey, I'm not a rock star or anything, I'm just playing music in my bedroom.


i agree with the rest with the drums but if you ever gonna record it this song will be a masterpiece the singing and guitar does indeed clear it all up (MUcrazyFan's review)
stars: 9/10 the drums
Vote: 5/5 you deserve it
keep em comin

- Zero

Nessbeatsfox responds:

Hey thanks Zero!

I really appreciate your compliment. I have to give credit to my brother for singing the verse for me though. If it weren't for him, this song wouldn't have come out nearly as nice as it did!

Very good!

This is a very cool song, but like a few other people have said, the drums were 'dull'... but the singing and guitar made up for it! Overall, this is a freakin awesome song!!!

Nessbeatsfox responds:

Thanks MUcrazyFan! Maybe one day I'll rerecord the drums, since that seems to be a popular demand.

The Drums

The drums were slightly dull. i mean, its a simple easy to keep beat, but unfortunately, doesnt really define each section of the song,. other than that, my fav guitar solo evaz :P

The riff is groovy

The vox is cool. With some better production it could be great. You said you made it as loud as you could without it distorting. If you want it louder you can use multi-band compression, I recommend "T-racks" for that. ( You can hear it in use in my song "High Octane", sorry if it seems like I'm advertising ) And the drums are also really bad, if you ask me. I can again recommend the program I use, Addictive Drums. ( Again, High Octane )

Nessbeatsfox responds:

Thanks Octane!

I'll look into that program. The one I use now was rather cheap for its quality, but of course its outdated now. I agree the drums are not the greatest. I want to record my own beats using my own drum set, but I still don't have one =(. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll look into them and hopefully make even better songs in the future!