Reviews for "We Are the Night"

This has been used on the NG Radio Podcast (EP 5)

I decided that there wasn't enough metal in the mix, so i used yours (hope you don't mind). The only thing i would say is that there are some minor fluxuations in your voice. It's no big deal, but maybe some postwork could clear it up... Some artists don't believe in postwork, so it's your call.

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Nessbeatsfox responds:

I plan on redoing this song to make it sound a lot better (fixing up the drums, rerecording the screaming, and fixing any other bugs), but it's not going to be for a little bit. Thanks for using my song. I heard the podcast, and it sounds good! You're welcome to use any of my others songs too if you're interested.


not really the kind of music i like but its ok, ill give you a 9 =]

Nessbeatsfox responds:

Thanks man!


Download time!!

Great song

Awesome song I love ur whispery scream thing, also love that line: Now that u made me whole I guess I never get to leave.

Keep up the good work :)

Simply Awestruck

This is without a doubt the best song I've ever heard on Newgrounds. I love your style of screaming, how its kinda whispered.

When I heard this song first, I seriously thought it was from a professional band, and I was about ready to Google you name to try to find where I could buy a CD.

You have amazing talent my friend, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Nessbeatsfox responds:

Thanks for the compliment man! Actually, I'm working on a CD right now. It's gonna be a while before it's finished though...