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Reviews for "Sonic 3 - Bossbattle (RMX)"

I remember days when bla bla...

Wow amazing and i even remember a song i have never heard before!
If you are this good why don´t you do a RMX of the main title of Sonic The Edgehog!
(If you do, you will automatically get a 10 from me) Super Sonic Speed *Zaaaap* >:D

ZOMBIE VOICE : Must buy Sonic Games! *Realizes that they aren´t making them anymore* *Got an idea* Buy Sonic Mega Collection For Gamecube :D

its just simple...

PUMP THIS SHIT UP! good god you make some sick shit!

Im lovin this song

This techno is great man, it makes me remember sonic 3 ;)

Any sonic fan will surely like this top notch albeit very short audio!

i love your music
and sonic is my favorite game including this music

Pretty,I loved the melody a lot😍