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Reviews for "Sonic 3 - Bossbattle (RMX)"


This is damn good, exept it is way too short.

You don't know what trance is, nice track though

The track has a low polyphony, the melodie is very simple and obviously not trance, you don't know what trance is, trance is centured around an excludance of minor chord progression ranging from I chords to IV chords. This genre is is not trance but euro dance, trance puts you in to trance maybe? That's why it's called that way. Anyway, the tonal colours are easily synthesized and could have been achieved with one oscilator, the waveforms you used are basic, maybe it's a sawtooth, maybe a square, I'm not sure. The mastering is of low quality and I don't know wether it's intentional but it's really underproduced. The bassline chokes with the mainlead, and effectively that's all it is, Bass, mainlead and beat. The atmosphere is not worthy of trance, real trance has magnificient atmospheres with feelings that cannot be discribed in English language.

Anyway, it's a nice eurodance track for sure, but eurodance doesn't keep up to trance when it comes to intelligent melodies at least of the level of classical music and thouroughly complex atmospheres and inventive song progressions. At a musical level it's nice if you like this genre called eurodance but to call this trance is abominable.


I LOVED IT! ADD ANOTHER MINUTE OR 2 and u got a 10 of 10 and a 5 of 5.... its too short : /


this is not really getting to me and i could not see sonic battleing to this sorry 2/10