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Reviews for "Sonic 3 - Bossbattle (RMX)"


Awesome. SEGA should remake all the Sonic games with your music, especally Sky Sanctury, because your version of it doesn't have that pause thing. Again, awesome.

you are the best paragon!!!!!!!!!!!

this is the best song what i have seen!!!!!more!more!

Extremely COOOL

but you know what would be better? a remix of the final boss battle in SOnic 3 it ownzorz ...just like chocolate chip cookies...


this is my favorite sonic song ever! you made it sound like a dance remix which is AWSOME!!!

i hope u still check ur music

uve havnet made lots of music lately and u really should make some more. if u have a longer version plz send to: jason_l_wang@yahoo.com lol kinda gives my name away