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Reviews for "Sonic 3 - Bossbattle (RMX)"

Nice version

This is definatly better than mine overall. however i personally liked my choice of synth for teh main melody a little better. please check out my version, if you have time, and tell me what you think.

Purely Awsome!

Just the sound of your name make me think of the best music I'll ever hear. Thanks a lot for doing what u do! :D

Over & Beyond

I have never, ever, heard someone remix Sonic the Hedgehog like you. It brings back so many memories, so I thank thee. Also, just something for you to think about, Is their anyway that you could remix the Final Battle for S&K/Sonic 3 (Its the same)? Not the Doomsday Zone(S&K), but the battle before where you fight the EggBot. Anyways, thanks for making such great music.

Extreme Diamond Track!

Hi, your track is so awesome, but it's a little short. Can you please make it a little longer?
A longer version?

Thank you.

Nice remix of a cool song

I normally don't like remixs, but I liked what you did. Good work.