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Reviews for "Sonic 3 - Bossbattle (RMX)"

i love you paragon!

A good trance remix of this Sonic 3 song. I like what you did in this track.

Pretty hip

This was sort of different from what I normally listen too, but I really like the mixture you gave this one, but lets get more into this one. Nice beat here it was pretty hip and while it starts off slow its pretty awsome and flows on well. And this was a nifty piece from the audio portal, sad thing is that it is ending but I can enjoy it again by re-clicking on it.

And now for some changes that will make things work and sound slightly better with this one it was already pretty good, So here is what I came up with wich is probably not the greatest but its something to work with and you have the go ahead to make any changes you see fit. im pretty sure they will be great. Wouldnt mind this having a fast mix picking up from a slow start.


0.5 Stars lost: Not long enough and not fast of a tempo.

I liked it so much I used it for a playlist!