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Reviews for "Rain Down"

Great vocals!

Holy fuckbeans, thats good growling right there... Some EQ work on the guitars and drums might be needed but god damn, you've got it going on, man.

CWN responds:

Hehe, I know what you mean.
Working on a new song, improved the sound of the drums and used some different recording techniques for the guitars... Oh well! Still a kick ass song :D


need to sort the production out, but when you do this could be awesome. All the parts are there, but get a bit muddy, the vocals over-ride the guitars, the gits are way to quiet in the mix, so are the drums, just needs tweaking and it would sound great, nice trk, get's 4/5 from me.

CWN responds:

I know what you mean. Main problem with the guitars: I used a Fender Strat. My BC Rich was broken at the time.
The mix is sort of raw, next song im working on sounds a lot better. Hey, it's a learning process, and recording is not easy, especially if you have no idea what you're doing. (like me sometimes :D )


Interesting tone on the guitars really crunchy kinda like slip knot. There's a click in there thats kind of annoying. I don't know if thats part of the drum track or if you're peaking somewhere but if you render it again that may be something you wanna look at fixing. All in all its a good tune. I really dig the back up vocals they fit into the mix. The ping pong delay is a bit disorienting especially if you listen to music in head phones like I do. The effect is cool but if you can tone down the panning. It takes away from the musicianship when you have to deal with the helicopter effect.
I like the showman ship with the rain noises and the sample at the beginning. Keep it up I can tell you guys took a lot of time with this. I wouldn't mind hearing more.

CWN responds:

Working on a remix, especially concentrated on the drums. The clicking is actually the bass drum, with no bass in it or something. The new raw mix sounds a lot better. Also removed the panning, as it was starting to annoy me as well!

Thanks for the review!

Metal Good

The Higher voice parts sound origanal but the deep sounds to much like Dethlok Guitars good but Drums sound way too fake like the way you do the part when it sounds like your doing the Bass Drums with 7 feet all on different pedals Overall Surpirsing... The voice of the kid in the beginning sounds like its from a anime i have seen

Hate metal end hate emo's too:)

This one is good because emo suxx . Anyway metal sux also but i prefer metal than lazy emo's.
Burn them all!

CWN responds:

Metal takes a little getting used to, but anyway, at least we share the same hate for emos.