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Reviews for "Rain Down"

Makes me cry.

The song is really well put together. I like it. Please stop picking on emos. They are people too. Whats wrong with you kids today. Fuck.

Naw...I'm just wanking ya. Kill the fuckers...or ....just wait...and they'll do it themselves. hahaha.

Anyways, really a huge fan of the super low gutterals on this. Fucken eh! 5\m/

CWN responds:

Thanks a bunch! :D

heavy as hell

i agree with Midnight Dragon we do need a new category pretty damn good i hate teh emo's too well at least they are all killing themselves i think i threw my neck out friggin bangin my head to this sounds like job for a cowboy

CWN responds:

Hell yeah! Those are the reviews I like hearing.
Too bad people are voting so poorly for this song... fucking 3.76... Wtf is that ... :D

This is wicked.

Fucknig dude. I think your hardcore shouts sound fucking brutal. And your low growls sound amazing. Nice one.
I'm not too keen on the drum sounds in this, but everyone to his own.

10/10 - 5/5

CWN responds:

Thanks man!

I'm planning on remastering the whole track, make the double bass less clicky, more burtal and I'll give the snare more debth.


I like the song but I hate metal but you did really good on this

CWN responds:

Glad you liked it, unusual for non-metalheads to like my music!


you did a fantsatic job wit every thing!!! and esspesally the meatal