Reviews for "DragRacer"


This is an awesome game, as for bugs, if you boost your HP over 999 using super chargers, then buy another racing chip upgrade, your HP goes back to 999.


damn dude good job butt i bet u know this i have one complaint tho where is the mercedes?? other than that good game nothing wrong with it at all accept if u had the ferraris mercedes and lincolns butt what u have is good too just a suggestion keep up the good work l8er

Freakin Awsome

i love your work. You need a 240sx s13 though.

Most Awsome Drag Race Game

This game is awsome. I found that if u tweak the load codes then u can get your cars horsepower at 99999 and torque at 70000. It may take a couple trys to find the right mix of codes but when you do your cars top speed is 2748mph. Im just a fellow gamer that found out a way to make everyones gaming expirence more plesurable.


I've never seen anything better!

Only some things are missing...
1) It would be better if you could choose speed in kph or mph
2) Visible tuning on opponent's cars
3) Well... more cars are always welcome :)

Fantastic game anyway!