Reviews for "DragRacer"

this game fuckin rocks!

Put honda civics in! not hatchbacks.


This game was fucking great. I would put it up there with MC 2 GT3 and other great racing titles. Well in terms of an online game this is fucking amazing. Nice JOb. Add more cars and more other shit and it'll be really fun. Plus the NO2 is great just that its too easy to use and get up to 290 with the porsche gt2 so fix that a lil

Sweet ASs

this is 1 of the best games i hav ever played, make sure this stays on NG 4 a LONG time, u should make this game downloadable tho and inprove the graphics on the race scenes but i giv this game a 10 FUCKING GOOD GAME

need a nissan s13 240sx and silvia s13

man this is good but get the game to load faster and get the nissan s13 240sx and silvia in it


hey check out my killer car, its so 1337. Try racing with it and see how fast it is..

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