Reviews for "DragRacer"

a masterpiece

this makes create a ride look stupid, this game is absolutely brilliant, all the options, the money system, brilliant, im amazed at this, it takes flash to places we've yet to see, absolutely amazing, ps cool feature that you can shift with your mouse manualy very cool


damit i just lost my beautiful Viper SRT/10 because i thought you could have multiple cars i your garage seriously man thats something you should fix

jesus christ this is tight

this is a seriously tight game. i loved playing this shit. you have great talent. i fully believe you can make dragracer online since you have a great idea and you made a great game. good shit!!

good game but found a good cheat

clcik load and type in jibberish and choose load and you will be in your grage with no car and if u look at your cash it will say $NaN but u can buy cars then like the carrea gt and completly tun it up and u will own the car and it will egt souped up but you will not have to pay a dime so use it 2 ur advantage...and i play out war so if u see ne of those gay ppl that poast there out war links copy and apste the link to me so i can clcik it and then destroy them to tech them not to put it here...hate tohse ppl who put there linx in there revew sayin its a better game about racin on' stuff


how did you do it this is the greatest game it is so much like need for speed underground it isent even funny but i love this game it rocks but for some reson number 2 just sucks majorly