Reviews for "DragRacer"

Aight listen up ma niggas!

Aight here's tha real deal. This is a code to my highclassy car. I made tha car all by myself. Raced and modified it. It's tha fastest car u can get ur hand's on tha ain't hacked!

VQHSBEF22>2'VQHSBEF21>2'VQHSBEF:>2'VQHSBEF9>2'VQHSBEF8>2'VQ HSBEF7>1'VQHSBEF6>2'VQHSBEF5>2'VQHSBEF4>2'VQHSBEF3>2'VQHSBEF 2>1'VQHSBEF1>2'efdbmovn>7'gsbnfbohmf>&3E2'fyibvtu>CMBOL'OPT> ObO'qbjouovn>2'sjefifjhiu>&3E6'xiffmtj{f>21'xjoujou>261'ofpo dpmtcc>&3E366'ofpodpmthc>&3E318'ofpodpmtsc>&3E366'dbmdpmtcc> &3E366'dbmdpmthc>&3E318'dbmdpmtsc>&3E366'tqpdpmtcc>1'tqpdpmt hc>1'tqpdpmtsc>ObO'ltdpmtcc>1'ltdpmthc>1'ltdpmtsc>1'sjndpmtc c>1'sjndpmthc>1'sjndpmtsc>1'gsbnfdpmtcc>&3E366'gsbnfdpmthc>& 3E318'gsbnfdpmtsc>&3E366'mjhiu>DBSSFSBHU&6GMJHIU&6G2'clju>CM BOL'tlju>CMBOL'glju>BEF22&4E2'xjoh>CMBOL'xiffmt>XIFFM&6G3'db sxpsui>311111'dbsXU>ObO'dbsGS>4'dbsDM>6'dbsUR>811'dbsIQ>:::' dbsobnf>DBSSFSBHU'qmbzobnf>2&4E2'qmbzdbti>7531:&3F4'


Your Jebus Aren't You

FUcking cool game man. You rule. Can't wait til't he full version. Download it. Fuck yeah., Dont mind me i'm blazed. Yo. Coolio game. FUCK YES. Lets Go Get Stoned reminx Sublime

an very nice game, play it all the time

thisis a great game that should be improved to be put the shops, i would buy it. the music could be better but still good

Yo Awesome Game Man!!!

I am not playing, I played this game for 10 hours without stopping. It was tottaly awesome! Evrything is cool since its beta but...one question...Where is the Lamborghini Murcielago? well, it needs more muscle cars and super cars, some expots wouldnt hurt either. The racing part took a while to get used to, but now Im pretty damn good at it. It needs more stuff to customize, and more music tracks. Once again AWESOME GAME! AND PLEASE DONT CLICK ON THOSE STUPID OUTWAT LINKS!!! ITS A BOGUS SHIT! well, thanks for your time.

Wheres the chevys!?

where are the chevys ??????? add a nova , camaro z28, corvette?!?!? cmon man , next update add these lettle bastards, and maybe some trucks, silverado? ram? other than that good game cept for the nos bug, after you used the whole nos is one round and you buy it , it will race, and you cant move, sound needs tweaking too

next update-----------------------
ADD CHEVYS-------------------------
Nova SS
Camaro Z28