Reviews for "DragRacer"

OMG, you have to make the on-line version!

hey man, I love the game. I only played with the WRX and the Charger but i had a blast. I played for hours. I do however have a few sugestions for the later version (I pray there will be 1)
-more options (especialy parts and decals)
-some options in the show room
-and just more interactivity in general
I'm sure you've heard all this before but you said you wanted feedback, so, there it is! I look forward to your future work (especialy the on-line game you spoke of). 10 out f 10! W00T!!!


dude diz be d shizz yo! fuckin awsome az hell!!!! an i cant believe diz onli be da beta nig, shit man if diz iz fab, den juz tink how tite d finished game will be yo!!! itz like racin in mah street car except not in reel life an no copz heh


FINALLY MINI in a online car game!! I CANT WAIT!

Good Game

That was good

I have to give u props on that I mean the other drag racing games sucked but this was awesome good j0b.


that was fucking awsom i love this game this is the best game on all of new grounds you are a fucking ginues and you should be proud of your self. but i have a slight problom were thae hell are all the US cars(the greatest cars in the world)