Reviews for "DragRacer"

Waste of Time

It took me forever to max. out my car, then finally i go to buy a second one because i have soo much extra money, and there goes my first one....... YOU GET A 0....blam this piece of crap!


Hey mines not loading and I got DSL so something wrong here.... Theres like a line in the middle of a black screen and it won't show me anything, so is the server like really busy, can somebody help?

We've seen it all beofre

This game has nothing new to offer..and no excitement whatsoever. theres always these car games on the front page and they have been bugging me. To be honest this game did not please me at all.

dont know

dont know y it wouldnt load because i have a really fast comp but it wouldnt load for me


big glitch cause u cant change fuking gear its a rubbish gam neway tho the 3rd 1 is ok