Reviews for "DragRacer"

sweet game

this is a sweet assed game all it needs is to make the races worth more and have it available to drag over the net and to be able to download it cuz it takes so long to load from newgrounds it will be faster off of a computers swap file than this site

also can u post another blurb telling us where this site is gunna be with a hyper link to it if u can't make a hyperlink just put the address down but the only thing i have a problem with is speed and sometimes when u buy a part of the body kit or a spoiler it doesn't apear u'll need to fix that but this is a great game other than those 2 things

o ya and u can make the game so u can fully customise the parts so that u can make your car faster shift quicker and spin more


this is almost the greatest game i ever played


this is a great game!
This is the best way to "succeed" in this game either do what GT40LM says:
Also, if nobody knows this, this is how you get unlimited money. Try load a game, but don't type anything in. Then load it up and your monay will be $NaN. This means you have unlimited money.

Or to do it another way... just buy engine upgrades... tq ... weight stuff... and cl.... then buy nos... go to the Drag Racer... find someone iwth a lot of money... on the 1000m... start the race and after topping out on gear 1... go straight to gear six and hold down the nos button while holding the spacebar... you'll smoke that bitch so easy

nice game but it would be better with a hummer

nice game but would be better with a hummer


Great game. There's a bug though. When I buy almost anything I dont lose money.