Reviews for "DragRacer"


This game was majorly awsome, all of my guy friends would love it i'm sure. I usually hate racing games and all but this was very cool, I liked it a lot. Very addicting. I hope you do make it into an online game for everyone on the net to race one another, that would be wicked heh ;-) Keep up the good work!

Kick Ass!!!!

Reminds me of the fast and the furious! Good Stuff!

10 months of great work

Great game, though i think yuou sohuld make it so that you can keep your old car after you buy a new one but other than that it's fuckin awsome

Best ever

I love you man this game tops all others by far.

dude that car sucked my skyline and me evo would waste that they did 6 seconds

best game ever

wow that game was fukn amazing im glad u didnt put those american peices of shit in there. those cars will fuck up any game ie.(auto modellsta) wow that game would be awsome if the fukn gt40 wasnt the fastest car in the game. that is bullshit. for once someone who knows about cars and wat cars are good, made a game thas fukn awesome good job