Reviews for "DragRacer"


I love these games, this one especially. This game should stay up on the front page for a long time. Keep up the good work, kudos to you man.

Wheres the chevys!?

where are the chevys ??????? add a nova , camaro z28, corvette?!?!? cmon man , next update add these lettle bastards, and maybe some trucks, silverado? ram? other than that good game cept for the nos bug, after you used the whole nos is one round and you buy it , it will race, and you cant move, sound needs tweaking too

next update-----------------------
ADD CHEVYS-------------------------
Nova SS
Camaro Z28


cant wait for the full version.

One Hell of a game

havent lost a race yet but i proberly will....eve with 999 hp lol.... but a very good game epeicly with the dodge viper gts....keep up the good work...


Dude this game is sweet! keep up the good work! (like to see more chevys) ;) PeAcE