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Reviews for "Danger Ahead"


Reading one of the earlier review, I did not make this song! lololololol. I have a few recent beats with a slight but very vague similarity. god lol.

This is a great beat, although old, I can definately sense the effort put into this.
correct me if I'm wrong, but czer323 made a remix of this b4 he left ng, called it Imortality.
Keep up the great work! :)


I happen to be fighting a boss right now! (In reality) Hurry lackey, get the computer!


this song is awesome, but it didnt make much of an impact... overall, it's excellent! :D

Pretty Good

Well its not much, but i do like it. time to see the sequels. Maybe if you strung them together, though, you could call it "Danger All Around" or something and top it off with something called "Danger Behind" that sounds like just that...

I like what you got, but a bit short. Lol this was published before I was born.