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Reviews for "Danger Ahead"

I tend to click links to songs and start them, then just go to something else. If I don't like, I come right back and go to something else quick. Listened to this for about 3 mins and decided that it was getting too repeatitive. So I come back over to switch it, then realize, it is only 30 secs.

where are the "like" and "share" buttons when you need them?????

It's Clear you've been producing solid gold audio since the beginning. You are incredible! What else should i expect from the person with the best song on Newgrounds-Chaoz Fantasy!?

awesome loop one of the best i heard ever. ur now added to my list of favorite artist

*George Takei* Oh my...

This is amazing, and you are right definitely perfect for a bossbattle or something like that! ^_^