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Reviews for "Danger Ahead"


Your Musical talent at one of its highest points. 10/10

really cool

well done i love it and using it in abnormality


I remember back when you only had like 1 or 2 diamond tracks, mostly platinum, some 2xPlatinum, and even a few golds. Now, everything's 2xPlatinum, or Diamond... Things sure have changed, but not your skill at making music! I haven't checked your audio page in a while and saw a few new songs. It's awesome how fast people started liking your tracks, I think you deserve to be happy about how many fans you have... Good job, getting up there, dude. Really good job.

like youre stuff!

the drums werent blasting over the melodie, even though thats good smetimes.
I downloaded all of youre songs in an half hour allot good some to repetetive. over half i realy liked. (you probably get these commments allot)

cudos for all youre songs!


when i playe this song ima play mortal combat its so gona get me in the mood hahah i thik mabye ill try it next weak gona make it more nerv raking hahah cya good job i fianly ofund u lols after thinking u were in dame techno i love techno tho lolsss wooooooooooot god job