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Reviews for "Metroid Physiology"

I'm Scared

That looks so powerfully realistic, I can't look at it without fear that it will jump on my back and drain my energy.

Good picture.

The picture is excellent.

The bio was great up until the point where you started talking about the metroid eating its victim's brain/corpse, etc. That is not how a metroid operates. In all of the METROID games, the metroid has only fed off of energy, not flesh. It uses the acquired energy to overstimulate its own cellular growth, and thus, mutates.

But the picture is excellent. Kudos to you.


its a little flat.. include some darker values in the well.. the dark parts to give it a little more pop but dont go overboard.

guy bellow me

has said it all

Love It!

the amount of time you spent on this clearly shows, love the details and description...i really really love the details, looks very realistic, loving the claws!