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Reviews for "Metroid Physiology"



really cool!

im probably the first to say but, i think u missed a few details on it, such as the smaller inner tusk like teeth, still really good though!!!!


The drawing is very realistic and your interpretation of the metroid's biofunctions is very interesting, but I don't remember any metroids eating flesh in the games or them saying that they do. I think they just eat bio lightning or something.

Maytroid's Anatomy, first edition

It totally looks like an anatomy drawing for medical students.

However, I think you should have it properly scanned, some parts are a little bit blurry, as if the piece of paper was not totally flat during the scan. Plus a little adjustment on levels/contrasts (ctrl+L in Photoshop, for example), because all pencil drawings lack true blacks after being scanned. And man, THIS drawing deserves the best digitizing ever.


(+1 to all "corpses are not eaten by metroids" thing)

It's really quite amazing.

It really is... IT REALLY IS!