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Reviews for "Metroid Physiology"


Just Awesome!

I can't say it any better than you did.

Being a fan of the Metroid series, people have always asked me since MP1, "How does a metroid steal a persons' energy if it doesn't leave any marks?"

Now I just point them here.

In all seriousness, great piece and I really can't wait for the sculpture if you do one. Superb detail, and even a nice description to go with it. -even if some of it is more or less speculation, it still sounds right.-

10/10 5/5

Very Nice

It is a very thoroughly written article, much like the kind that I myself make for much of what I create in my DnD campaign.

Love it

Still can't wait till you make the sculpture of the metroid i check your page now n then to see it keep up the great work

awesome work man

the detail is exremely well done and it looks excellent, keep up the good work.