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Reviews for "Metroid Physiology"

awesome sauce

Man that thing is FRIGHTENING,

But you didn't mention its weakness to freezing temperature or the offspring's basic imprinting, which is the only reasonable account for why the Metroid baby would not attack Samus. These are both important subjects to cover. I know you probably have a character limit though so I won't belabor it.

Fucking 10. Beautiful yet terrifying. I do NOT want to live anywhere close to where this thing lives.

Deep analysis, but...

Other than explaining its digestive system, how do you propose it levitates on air? Would you suppose that by these "electric charges" it maintains magnetic levitation due to high concentration of electrons inside its core? Or perhaps it is due to some sort of light-weight gas it secretes each time a pray is digested and then used as a flotation agent?

Man, do I love this kind of analysis! Great job on the art and the deep thought you give to each one of your projects! I expect to see your sculpture soon! Can't wait!


one of the most epic things I have ever seen.

wow. fantastic.

this is so amazing, iv always been a huge fan of the metroid series (except Other M) but its so cool that you found all this information and compiled it with a extremely well detailed picture. iv always been curious about the little guys. phenomenal picture, fantastic description. thank you