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Reviews for "Metroid Physiology"


my god, this is the only piece of art ive ever wanted to review, this is breathtakingly beautiful and the craftsmanship in the description is quite well designed as well.

i loved what you did here, i really truly did. the color scheme is as close as you could have gotten to the original sprites and whatnot, and the shading is just superb.

dare i ask that you devote your life to detailing all the creatures of metroid? with this talent you could easily send this to nintendo and they would publish this as official material, its just that good.

very well done

If you were going for accuracy...

The space pirates claim that no mass if transferred from the prey to the metroid, so I don't know where you came up with the metroid eating it's prey's brain thing.

Kalapusa responds:


Did you catch that? Read it again. Absorb that word. Now absorb the word "absorb". Now answer this: How does the metroid regenerate decaying cells and ultimately grow into a larger specimen if it does not ABSORB any mass?

Mode 7 does not work in real life.


It's a killer testicle! LMAO


this is amazing


Jesus god thank the lord that thing isn't real.....Wooo...