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Reviews for "Metroid Physiology"

Fucking, Epic

Somebody give this guy an award/money. ill never look at a metroid the same way again

I too am stunned!

Dyno-Comp is saying that some of this isn't true, and i agree. but all-in-all i never saw false things wile i was reading, so good job to all.

metroids are fasinating creatures created by the chozo to get rid of the x parisite on planit zebes.

i remmember in the metroid manga that the chozo were in the story the same time samus was alive. She was "the last" i guess.

i just want to rant up some conversation, and i would be happy to review comments and p-m's on my page so please do. But i'll leave you with this even though i know the answer; i think the only was to know is also read the manga.



This is incredibly detailed, in regards to both the artwork itself and to the theory behind its biological functions.

Just... wow, dude. Nice work.


I'm a huge metroid fan and i never knew that. that is some great art, the shading and work on it is amazing, congrats on the front page.

Well Done

A great piece, the bleached pencil reminds me of the old zoological manuscripts of explorers printed from the turn of the last century, really nice. The attached physiological background only added to that feeling, nice touch by the way.

Two things, 1) in the background, the background I was wondering on how you thought the metroids flew around. 2) Are you making a series of these? Not neccisarilly metroids but of game monsters?