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Reviews for "Metroid Physiology"


I like the exposed muscles around its teeth. The symmetry in its organs and texture in the stomachs and brains adds an extra bit of believability to the image. However it still remains very true to the original super metroid art. Maintaining the roundness and greeness.

I also liked the techno-babble physiology you gave in the author comment, but you left out mentioning how they float.


The Metroid series was the my favorite game serries ever


Reminds me of a banneling from starcraft 2


This is an amazing depiction of the ugliest, annoying, bug in the world of Metroid. I wonder if it uses cell division to reproduce.. It could explain why there are so many of them.

just. . . .damn.

beautiful job on the metroid. i wish i had that kind of detailing skill. u make meh so jealous. :3