Reviews for "Edd (2003)"

Then, A Legend was born

The first EDDSWORLD Episode..... so many memories....

War Of The Web,Destructo Box,Klay world, Minecraft The Noob Adventures, all these great things will be missed...

The Newgrounds legend Eddsworld! RIP

I saw asdfmovie4 when it came out, then I saw Eddsworld on recommended. I clicked on the video, "MovieMakers". Saw it once, forgot about it. 4 years later, in 2015, I was watching asdfmovie (s) and I saw the Channels list on TomSka's channel. I remember MovieMakers then went to the vid. Forgot for about a week, then looked up The Gamer From Mars, watched "5 Dead Youtubers". I dropped my tablet and cried... I've been watching Eddsworld ever since, and I have been watching A LOT. Rest in peace Edd, you are in all our hearts!