Reviews for "Edd (2003)"

2003.... whooo......

To be honest there's nothing really special here in this movie worth mentioning other then the whole sense of child like imagination going on and struggling to bring it into an animated reality. It ain't pretty but it at least seems like he's trying.

Having said that however this movie still does fill it's purpose of telling a story which is all that matters, but it also fills another purpose too. For anyone has followed Eddworlds animations for as long as I have or is just a fan, this serves as a humbeling reminder, even someone who got as big and famious as Edd did on the internet had to start at the bottom as does everyone.

What he's done here doesn't look any more special then any other flash animator starting out, but you know what? He did what he loved doing, kept doing it and improved as a result, there are no shortcuts or cheat codes for that kind of progression, only hardwork, investing time, love and play.


I will always like you edd. from the day i found out about you to this very day

'strawberry blonde'

Edd was born to entertain.

Nice. :)