Reviews for "Katara"

Beautiful. Congrats on front page!

ekajpalm responds:

Thanks! This message is the one that made me realize that it even happened lol


"This is going to hurt... you."

Her eyes and the water around her hands are a luminous blue.

I like the determined, energetic pose you gave Katara but there's something about her eyes that throw me off a bit (not sure if this is what Flufflet was trying to say). Her left eye appears to be much larger than the right. Scale it down a little and it would be perfect. I love everything else. The coloring is fantastic and you did well on the water effects.

ekajpalm responds:

I suppose looking at it now with what you said in mind, it could perhaps be that i added a smidge to much white at the bottom of her left eye making it look bigger. i'll try to be more mindful of this in the future!
Thanks for your more in depth analysis.
Much appreciated