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Reviews for "Insult sword fighting"


This game is quite funny. The graphics, sound and style are ok. But this game is too short (only three orso questions). And it was too easy.


I'm an expert at the insult sword fighting, so this game was a breeze. I didn't like the part when Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate, was killed. Couldn't the pirate've given him a break? All Guybrush has is that sword and some wooden nickles.

Umm, too short...

Poor job. The sound was ok (aside from the music looping constantly and not even flowing smoothly at that), but other than that... it needs more animation; selecting the insults shouldn't be so glitchy - you need to have an area to select, not try and position your mouse on the small letters - and they need to be random, not the same every time. The ending could definitely be improved, too.

I'm a big Monkey Island fan, but this game needs a lot of work - I'm sure other fans of the series would feel similarly.


*coff* lame *coff*

Once again Monkey Island proves to be funny.

Even though this game doesn't have the greatest graphics it makes up for that with its interactivity and its humor.With the choices though, there's only one real choice to make,but saying the othere ones is pretty funny at the same time.So as my friends would say,Monkey Islands proves to be funny again.