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Reviews for "Insult sword fighting"

I actually have Curse of Monkey Island...lol

There's another Monkey Island flash on NG that actually uses the game sprites, taken through Print Screens and stuff...

But I didn't like this very much. The original CoMI is much better. In fact I could even say it disgraces it slightly. It doesn't fit the original style at all.

That same music kept on playing over and over...got annoying. Voices weren't very loud either.

Oh well, fans of the game might like this one.

Nice... I guess

Well the graphics were kinda crappy but it was alright none the less

Awesome Idea

This could be a great movie!
Heres my suggestions: put in some actual fighting animation like in monkey island. You should make the Guybrush and the pirate fight back and forth on the deck too. The swearing at the end was more annoying than anything else.

Lots of potential

This is an awesome looking game. There's lots of potential here. A few ideas: Firstly, when they fight, maybe Guy should attack, and your guy parry, then hit, or something like that. Something that looks more like pirate swordfighting. Also, like the last guy said, more rounds would be nice. One other thing, the beeps for swearing were sort of off. They were annoying, so either have them in sync with the swears or get rid of them.


I love cos i loved it on monkey island. You gotta make more insults to use and maybe make a few rounds. Have the last round vs Guybrush and make it hard. Have like 4 rounds before him and make it get progressivly harder. Do all that and this game might have a chance of gettin to the front.

Peace out