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Reviews for "Insult sword fighting"

Ehhh it was okay.

You should have used the counter-insults from the original game not make up new ones, ( i would have thought the sexually related lines would throw him off) and it should have voiced guybrush i wanna see him duff up rottingham like that. A good try though.

Excellent potential! Remake!

Hey, it's really good. But as most people said, you need to have more lines, make it harder, and the swearing at the end was more annoying than anything.


I love the end when you fuck him up and the pirate gets on top of him.

Has potential, but...

A very good idea. I'd been toying with the idea of re-creating the insult fights from Monkey Island 1, but this is much more ambitious. All in all it's definitely not a bad movie, but:

-my main point: sorry, but your voice acting really really sucks. I don't know if you did both your own voice acting AND writing, but it sounds monotone, soft and as if the person talking doesn't understand the lines he's speaking.
-too much music. A lot of Monkey Island movies have constant music loops playing and it grows annoying. Save it for the intro and credits, maybe.
-too short. I know there's not much to do about that when you have to insert four recorded lines for every break in the fight, but still... three breaks, and it's always more than obvious which one is right. If the voice acting wasn't so bad, I'd check out the other options just to hear them.

Other than that I think you definitely have something here. If you're going to try remaking or doing a sequel to this movie, use smaller characters, less music, maybe a bit simpler backgrounds and more action/lines. Good luck!

how many things are wrong...

well, how bout first use the real insults and comebacks...
perhaps randomising them so it's not the same everytime some one plays.
you could make the voices louder, and add subtitles.
thats about it, I guess I might as well learn flash and make my own, that way atleast I know it's right