Reviews for "The many faces of Patchman"


haha very cool mate, really shows how varied you can make a single characters expressions just with the eyes and mouth.

Love the pac man one, and the Siamese twins!

RiverJordan responds:


Fanks! <3


Very cool love the style and the joint twins gave me a good laugh

woah o.o

that's alot f patchman o.o


found waldo XD

They're all awesome but.

Nothing compares to The Zombie Patch, The kitty Patch or the Devil Patch. 8D The Tick is also a funny throw-back not many would get.

On the actual style, it's very well done. You've managed to fit many smaller characters on the piece without seeming to clutter the art. Even in the backround the facial expressions hardly ever repeat as far as I can see. Very well done.
9/10 5/5. : D

RiverJordan responds:

.__. but in the background..they're all the same!

... i think?

Thanks for the great review! :)