Reviews for "The many faces of Patchman"

I found Waldo!

Technically amazing, this is not, but stylistically and aesthetically, this absolutely rocks. I like how, instead of using a plain background, you used a collage of patchmen. It makes it look more complete. My favorite ones are the ghost, the bearded one, and the broken heart one, as well as the little devil.
Some little things: The bottom has what looks like the cropped off top of the head of a very big patchman, and while that doesn't necessarily detract, I find it strange and unfitting. As well, you could have them a little more consistently placed, as the placement as is is kind of unbalanced. Loo at the lower right corner as opposed to the lower left, for instance.
Still, this is a really likable piece. Good work.

RiverJordan responds:

I get what you mean with the out of place big patchman, as for consistenly placed...not sure what to tell ya but i was just drawing patchmans. Not really going for any form of consistency. (Not that i'm telling you you're wrong, its was just how i was thinking :P)

thanks for the review <3