Reviews for "DKC Main Theme(Classical)"


pretty nice and all but you should listen to nostrap - BFG23! its absolutely great if you live this you'll love tht.

Nice tunes

Damn this sounds pretty freakin' good. Simple and yet really nice. I like the endings closure.


Donkey Kong Country had some of the best music of any video game ever, some of the best graphics and some of the best gameplay. DKC2 definitely upped the graphics and gameplay, but the soundtrack wasn't nearly as good as songs like this from the first.

I like!

To answer dasdarsh's question, DKC stands for Donkey Kong Country.
Very nice song btw, very soothing.

so simple lol

I'd say put a big violon intead of that bass, it removes emotions, and for the arp you should also add some sorta classical instrument instead of the piano