Reviews for "DKC Main Theme(Classical)"


yea it was alright


okey yeah i liked it but once again another ending thing but unlike the last 2 or 3 or however many i will give a useful suggestion i think you should have maybe slowed the piano a bit and not had the cymbal com in at the last and just let the slpow piano do its thing 10/10 full forward 5 loved the song


Very nice

Would make a perfect loop.

I knew this sounded familiar haha. The key change was what kept me from recognizing it right from the start. But first, it sounds like it would make a great loop, and in a sense it already is, could have a little more variety as well. It was very straight forward.

Try to work in dynamics, it's nice to have music like this have a peak and work its way back down to a good ending, and speaking of endings, I don't know what it is either but yours is just... Bleh as Matt said I don't know how to explain it but it could of taken another approach.

Im not a fan of Classical but Damn that was good:}

I'm not sure what DKC is but could you give link to your original? O.o This seemed good and well done :] You're effort was truly worth it [14/15]