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Reviews for "Neo-Bender"

Fuckin' wicked!

This is one o' the best, FUCKING coolest movies I've ever seen. The legs were 2-D, though. But who fucki' cares? This is WICKED!
(Hey, look! I'm on the movie page! Ha! Unless somebody write a review. Ah, screw it.

much ado about nothing

The music does not belong in this video...

preatty good

this movie was good and has lost of potential, but needs to be longer


I'll go with it. Not too bad. The voice sounds enough like Bender considering it's a parody but I guess some people don't understand that. The animation was pretty damn good when it got to the Matrix scene and the last line Bender said cracked me up, and what you had him say seemed like something he would actually say on the toon. The second button not working is what brought this one down for me. If it isn't supposed to do anything, you shouldn't have put it there. Overall though, not bad. Now I'm going to go watch the other ones.

well okay

it was kool but get a beta voice imitation