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Reviews for "Neo-Bender"

Hold Your Nuts, Chumley...

I have to admit, the animation in this was precise and fluid. Everything top notch...

However, I really, *really*, REALLY hope that this Bender image was an original, and not downloaded and "borrowed" (i.e. stolen) without giving the proper parties credit...

I've seen pre-programmed packages for both Bender and the "Neo" bullet dodge. Heck... even the fly around view is pre coded.

...but, I mean, if you have the nutz to make this animation and put it all together, you have the nutz to make your own Bender from scratch.

Its in spanish...thas tight

This is fucking great i loved the spanish talking


WTF is the only statement that comes to mind when I saw that, the Bender/ Neo thing was ingenious I loved it I give it two thumbs up man.

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy 5th birthday flash movie!


It was hilarious at the end when he hurt his back, but good job.