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Reviews for "Neo-Bender"

... \m/

Good and bad. Mostly bad.

Ok, lets get this out the way early on. That is one of the worst Bender impersonations I have ever heard. There's no two ways about it. It sucked.

Lets try and bring this around though, this looked amazing! Even for a ten year old movie! The 3D effects here were truly groundbreaking at the time and still manage to look impressive today!

A mixture of Futurama and The MAtrix seems like quite a strange combination, and there doesnt seem to be any kind of explanation forthcoming from this episode. Instead we get a short Matrix parody of Bender dodging some launched tennis balls and a "joke" about Bender hurting his back. There's nothing especially funny here and the movie is incredibly short. Also, there was no point in having me press a button for the tennis machine halfway through the movie as I replayed it and tried the other button adnd both buttons perform the exact same action. This illusion of choice was pointless and broke up the flow of the short short movie.

This movie is a prime example of looks not being everything. If theres no substance to back it up, then what you're left with is a pretty looking shell with a hollow interior, which is exactly what this movie is.



My review

It's ok. Could be longer


pretty good son