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Reviews for "Neo-Bender"


I didn't really understand what the point of that other button was. It didn't do anything! I was wondering why you didn't just use the audio clip from the actual show. I just it would make his other dialogue seem off. The graphics were pretty good in this. It was just too short.

It didn't add up to much of anything. I still appreciate the originality. I've forgotten how many Matrix flashes there were back then. It was great to hear that music again. I don't see a story in this at all.

Not too bad, but why the hell would you put two buttons on a remote and only make one of them work? Most would agree that its a bit of a let down to find something in a submission that serves no real function. Other than that not a bad job.

ah god damn my back turn it off turn it off ha ha ha

I wish there was more to it.